Welcome to Love Lift

It’s always hard to keep completely quiet whilst working on an exciting launch, especially when things like this take almost a year from start to shop floor. I’m super excited to share with you the Love_Lift Jewellery collection, comprising of intricate necklaces and delicate charm bracelets which are beautifully packed in a bespoke Dalmatian printed card with a coordinating message to support each piece of jewellery. Each symbol is available in either silver or rose gold plating.

As a design student in NCAD, creating a jewellery line was always a dream for me. In 2011, only 19 years olds my career took an unexpected turn when I won Miss Ireland and was then catapulted in the Irish Fashion and beauty industry. During the 5 years following my reign as Miss Ireland I worked with some of Ireland’s top designers, photographers and stylists which gave me a first-hand insight into what it takes to build a successful brand.

Over the years as my profile grew, so too did my social media following. I believe I have formed a strong bond with a large female audience who follow my style, humour, honesty and my mantra of positivity and self-belief.

Each time I post an inspirational message on Instagram, whether it’s about self-love, body confidence or self believe, I get such an overwhelming response. I often get messages from girls saying “‘thanks’, I need that today” and I love knowing I have helped lift someone’s spirits.

With this in mind, I wanted to create something tangible that could give women that same empowering feeling when they hold it in their hand or – wear it around their neck. For me Lovelift is a brand that represents Love and support. Whether you’re treating yourself to a beautiful necklace or surprising a friend with a gorgeous bangle, the LoveLift collection is there to make people feel special.

The logo is the hot air balloon tattoo I have on my wrist and the name comes from the idea of loving yourself and uplifting others. I like that hot air balloons look tranquil and serene from the outside but in the centre there's a roaring fire keeping them afloat.

Each carefully selected message on the packaging promotes self-love and empowerment and to me there is nothing more empowering than loving yourself.

That little boost of confidence and self-belief is what I want LoveLift to bring to people. Each design comes with its own positive quote printed on the front and a card on the inside for people to write a personal message. I've been in situations where I've wanted to buy a small gift for a friend for any reason like maybe they had gone through a hard time, were emigrating or passed exams and I found it hard to find something with sentimental value. With the LoveLift collection it's easy to find a saying that's so fitting to where you are.

The limited edition LoveLift necklace is one of my favourite pieces in the collection. It's a unique piece to symbolize the brand and the positive message we want to achieve.

I’ve loved every minute of creating this brand, and hope that by giving and receiving you too will be uplifted by the message of love that comes from Love_Lift.

Love Holly,